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Skull Island III

Graham Kelly (2019)

Skull Island III Skull Island III

As part of the Saturday program, Plokta presents:

Graham Kelly zooms in on an iconic film: King Kong. His ongoing series of lecture performances and video works revolves around the fictional island upon which a camera crew discovers and captures the enormous gorilla. The island originates in the 1933 film and is adapted and carried through into the present day. Each adaptation reflects the contexts of its relative time and audience. 

Skull Island examines the hidden material and socio-political properties of moving images. Financial transactions, ideological constructs in cinematic remakes or reboots, and the genius loci of the sites of film production are being dismantled. What do multiple versions of King Kong tell us about past and current times, audiences and technologies?

Plokta Festival will premiere the latest part of Skull Island. The video essay will be performed live by the artist.

Still from Skull Island I Still from Skull Island I
16:15 | 04/04/2020
| Lab111