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The Applied Kitchen

a program by Niek Hilkmann

From Wavy Tales (2018) by Sunjoo Lee From Wavy Tales (2018) by Sunjoo Lee

The applied kitchen is an extended film program in which the interaction between humans and machines is explored within the context of the everyday kitchen. Few places in the modern household contain as many electronic appliances as the kitchen: what would we do without our microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators?

During this event we will offer food for thought by discussing the kitchen as a space for activism, conversation and creativity. The program is hosted by media-artist Niek Hilkmann, who goes into conversation with among others, film maker Sunjoo Lee, by looking at a multitude of films centered on the kitchen and household electronics.

This film program is followed up by a performance from Inge Hoonte called Model No.: GC33A, who utilizes everyday household items, such as oven racks, a citrus juicer and of course various kitchen utensils. Let’s see what’s cooking up!


21:00 | 02/04/2020
| Cinema otD