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Corona update

UPDATE 14.03.2020

We are sorry to say that the first edition of Plokta, in its current shape and form, cannot take place due to the corona crisis. This means that the screenings of the films, Plokta Night Mode, the AlgoRave and all other programs will be postponed. We are working hard to think about the next step. Tickets can be refunded.

In this weird and unnerving situation, Plokta is open to ideas. Can a film festival about technology exist online? What to do with empty cinema theatres? How to get your popcorn after the supermarkets have been scavenged? In the meanwhile, browse through the website and find out what is yet to come

Our support goes out to all the precarious filmmakers, designers and artists worldwide. Stay strong.

Jurian Strik.
Director of Plokta